let us play taps for the alliance of american football

today it was announced that the aaf(alliance of american football) ceased operations today

my comment…did tom dondon thought he would be in the blackb’rolling this league???

name a sports league who made $$$$$$$ in its inaugural season…any1 any1 bueller…..

alliance of american football (week 3)and the indoor football league(week1)

been a few weeks(had some downtime and forgot to post in here…oops

anyway the alliance of american football is currently in week 3 and the arena/indoor football season has started w/opening week in the indoorfb league


heres the aaf catchup

week 1

san diego 6-15 san antonio

atlanta 6-40 orlando

memphis 0-26 birmingham

salt lake 22-38 arizona

week 2

salt lake 9-12 birmingham

arizona 20-18 memphis

orlando 37-29 san antonio

atlanta 12-24 san diego

week 3

arizona 15-23 salt lake

memphis 17-21 orlando

birmingham 28-12 atlanta

san antonio 11-31 san diego



meanwhile it was opening week for the indoor fb league

week 1

san diego 49-67 quad city

sioux falls 47-44 cedar rapids

bismarck  44-66 nebraska

arizona 51-21 green bay

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